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Welcome to the Ohio Champions League
The Ohio Champions League (OCL) is a youth soccer league with nearly 200 teams ranging in age from U-07 to U-14.  This season, we are pleased to welcome teams from the Central Ohio Select Soccer League (COSSL) into our program.  These teams are nearly all professionally-coached teams.  They will be a welcome addition to our league. 

As our program has continued to evolve, professional training and/or coaching has become more prevalent each season.  While most of the teams in the program are parent-coached, nearly all have access to professional trainers either for individual player skill development or team technical or tactical training.  Most of our U-07 to U-09 teams are professionally-coached club-level teams. 

The primary mission of the OCL is to provide an enjoyable soccer environment for a wide range of players desiring to play above the basic community-based recreational program.  The OCL provides its teams, coaches, parents and players with tremendous flexibility in terms of game scheduling dates/times, opponents (including younger/older aged-teams as desired by the coaches), number of games, etc.  The league allows for in-season roster flexibility as well.

In addition, the league sponsors season-ending tournaments at the end of each Fall and Spring season.

Beginning with the Spring 2012 season, the OCL is partnering with a brand new referee association -- the Mid Ohio Soccer Officials Association (MOSOA) -- in order to provide a development environment for our referee community as well.

Should you have further questions about the OCL, please feel free to send us an e-mail .

Thank you,
Natalie Baker Stellini and Ken McMahon
NEW Summer League Opportunity


Due to all of the changes coming this Fall including changes to "birth year" age cut-offs and changes to the number of players on the field, the OCL will be combining with the Central Ohio Youth Soccer League (COYSL) and the Central Ohio Select Soccer League (COSSL) to offer a summer league that will offer a 7v7 program for U-07 to U-10 teams, a 9v9 program for U-11 and U-12 teams, and an 11v11 program for U-13 to U-16 teams.  

The program will also be used as a referee mentoring program with the goal of improving our referee pool in a lower pressure environment.  The program will run through parts of June and July.  We expect to use facilities in Dublin and perhaps other communities as well (before anyone asks, we will NOT be at Darree Fields or Avery Park).

The program will be at a lower cost than the OCL and will likely only have teams playing a 4 to 8 game season over a four to six week period of time.

Online team registration will open around June 1st (tryout/player evaluation time).

MUCH more soon!!!


by posted 05/03/2016
OCL Announces Plans for the Fall 2016/Spring 2017 Seasons


The OCL intends to offer the following for the Fall 2016/Spring 2017 Seasons:

U-07 (2010 Birth Year) 7v7

U-08 (2009 Birth Year) 7v7

U-09 (2008 Birth Year) 7v7

U-10 (2007 Birth Year) 7v7

U-11 (2006 Birth Year) 9v9

U-12 (2005 Birth Year) 9v9

U-13 (2004 Birth Year) 11v11

U-14 (2003 Birth Year) 11v11

U-15 (2002 Birth Year) 11v11

U-16 (2001 Birth Year) 11v11

Please note, it is possible that some age groups will be combined (most likely U-07s/U-08s, U-13s/U-14s and U-15s/U-16s.  Also note, the U-15 and U-16 age groups will be NEW for the OCL.  We believe that the large number of high school players who are getting cut from Olentangy, Dublin and a few other communities combined with a large increase in the number of U-15s in 8th grade will provide us with a large enough player base to offer a U-15/U-16 age group in the Fall AND in the Spring.  In the past, only those players who "started later than permissible by school rules" with a birth date EARLIER than August 1st were U-15 players with the new "birth year" cut-off, ALL players born EARLIER than JANUARY 1st will now be U-15 players.

We expect teams will have a large number of players "playing up" (WITH THEIR CLASSMATES!) this coming season.  While many of the "elite teams" in the country (Developmental Academy teams, National League teams, Midwest Regional League teams, and State League teams) may not have many players "playing up" this coming season, we believe that MANY of the mid-level teams (such as OCL teams) will have a mix of players including a number "playing up" this Fall.

More soon....including information on a Summer League that will give teams a chance to get accustomed to the new 7v7, 9v9 and 11v11 numbers.



by posted 05/03/2016
OCL Spring 2016 Tournament Update Info


I am attaching an updated listing of teams with their tournament status for the OCL Spring 2016 League Tournament that is being hosted for the first time at the Hilliard Soccer Complex.  I will be providing tentative divisional placement by no later than this coming Monday evening.  This initial placement will be based on the results from the Fall Tournament along with results this Spring.  A few notes on results:

1.  When recording results, please use the actual score for the non-winning team and EITHER four more than that number or the actual score, whichever is LOWER.  Do NOT use parenthesis just enter a WHOLE NUMBER for each score.  For example, if the actual score is 4-1, record 4-1, but if the score is 9-2, please record 6-2 (NOTE:  do NOT record as (9) 6 or 6 (9) as this defeats the purpose of score recording.

2.  I have just updated ALL scores to reflect the above.  NOTE2:  I record scores EXACTLY in this way for the tournament as, for all intents and purposes the maximum four goal differential IS the actual score.

3.  Please ENTER RESULTS as soon as you can as I do use these results in calculating scores.  At this point, I really do not care WHO records the score (winning team or losing team or either team in the case of a tie).


Here is the list of teams and individual status:

Status   Nickname
Out   Barcelona United Premier B07
In   Barcelona United Premier G07
In   Barcelona United Select B10
In   Blast FC B07
In   CCFC B09
In   CCFC Blue B11
In   CCFC Red B11
In   CCFC Red G12
In   Central Ohio Elite Blue G08
In   Central Ohio Elite Blue G13/G14
In   Classics Eagles Arsenal B12
In   Classics Eagles Blaze G09
In   Classics Eagles Bombers B12
In   Classics Eagles Bulldogs B11
In   Classics Eagles Cyclones B11
In   Classics Eagles Destroyers B12
In   Classics Eagles Dolphins G09
In   Classics Eagles FBS G12
In   Classics Eagles Fire B10
In   Classics Eagles Fire B11
In   Classics Eagles Fireballs G11
In   Classics Eagles Force B10
In   Classics Eagles Hot Sauce B09
In   Classics Eagles Hurricanes G14
In   Classics Eagles Inferno G09
In   Classics Eagles Lazers G13
In   Classics Eagles Liberty Utd. B13
In   Classics Eagles Liberty Utd. G09
In   Classics Eagles Lightning B09
In   Classics Eagles Lightning B12
In   Classics Eagles Lightning G13
In   Classics Eagles Magic B14
In   Classics Eagles Rockers G14
In   Classics Eagles Sting B11
In   Classics Eagles Strikers G11
In   Classics Eagles Thunderstorm G12
In   Classics Eagles Tsunami G11
In   Classics Eagles Warriors B11
In   Classics Eagles West. Black B10
In   Classics Eagles West. Gold B10
In   Club Ohio Academy 1 B08
In   Club Ohio Academy 1 G08
In   Club Ohio Academy 2 B08
In   Club Ohio Academy 2 G08
In   Club Ohio Academy B09
In   Club Ohio Warriors B08
In   Club Oranje Raptors B10
In   Club Oranje Raptors G11
In   Columbus Alliance B08
In   Columbus Alliance B10
In   Columbus Alliance G08
In   Columbus Alliance G12
In   Columbus East FC Black B09
In   Columbus East FC Green B09
In   Columbus Force Blue G10
In   Crew SC East Black B12
Out   Crew SC East Black G10
Out   Crew SC East Black G11
Out   Crew SC East Black II B10
Out   Crew SC East G12
Out   Crew SC East Gold G10
Out   Crew SC East Silver G11
In   Crew SC West Black B11
In   Crew SC West Black II B10
In   Crew SC West Silver B10
Out   Crew SC West Silver G11
In   Dublin United Barcelona B12
In   Dublin United Black Dragons B11
In   Dublin United Bulldogs B10
In   Dublin United Celtics B10
In   Dublin United Chargers B12
In   Dublin United Destroyers B10
In   Dublin United Destroyers G12
In   Dublin United Dragons B14
In   Dublin United Germany B09
In   Dublin United Hurricanes G10
In   Dublin United Invaders B08
In   Dublin United Juventus B09
In   Dublin United Keltics G14
In   Dublin United Knights B09
In   Dublin United Lady Force G09
In   Dublin United Lightning B13
In   Dublin United Ninjas B10
In   Dublin United Raptors B09
In   Dublin United Rovers B11
In   Dublin United Rush G13
In   Dublin United Scorpions B08
In   Dublin United Shamrocks G10
In   Elite FC Academy Arsenal G08
In   Elite FC Barcelona B08
In   Elite FC Girls Academy G08
In   Elite FC LSE Arsenal B09
In   Elite FC LSE B10
In   Elite FC LSE Castro B09
In   Elite FC LSE Goldmeyer B08
In   Elite FC LSE Mercy B08
In   Elite FC Real Madrid B08
In   Elite FC Valencia B08
In   Elite FC White 2 B12
In   FC Grandview Bobcats B11
Out   FC Grandview Bobcats Blue B12
In   FC Grandview Bobcats Blue G11
In   FC Grandview Bobcats Crew B09
In   FC Grandview Bobcats G11
In   FC Grandview Bobcats G12
In   FC Grandview Bobcats White B12
In   FC Grandview Green Creepers B10
In   Galacticos Azul FC B09
In   Galacticos FC B14
In   High Point Stars B10
In   High Point Stars B12
In   High Point Stars B14
In   High Point Stars G11
In   Hilliard FC B08
In   Hilliard FC B09
In   Hilliard FC B10
In   Hilliard FC B12
In   Hilliard FC Blue G12
In   Hilliard FC Deportivo Madrid B12
In   Hilliard FC G08
In   Hilliard FC G09
In   Hilliard FC G10
In   Hilliard FC OCL B08
In   Hilliard FC OCL B10
In   Hilliard FC Scarlett B12
In   Legend Soccer Club B08
In   Legend Soccer Club Girls G10
In   London Future Stars B09
In   London Future Stars B13
In   Northwest FC Middleton B09
Out   Northwest FC Orange B08
In   Northwest FC Orange G08
In   Ohio Premier Academy B08
In   Ohio Premier Academy B09
In   Ohio Premier B08
In   Ohio Premier B09
In   Ohio Premier Black B10
In   Ohio Premier UA Magista G10
In   Ohio Youth Academy Elman B09
In   Ohio Youth Academy Horseed B12
In   Ohio Youth Academy Jenyo B13
In   Ohio Youth Academy Muqdisho B11
In   SP Soccer Academy Blue B08
In   SP Soccer Academy Yellow B09
In   UA Select Skyhawks G08
In   UA Soccer Academy Eagles G11
In   UA Soccer Academy Eagles G12
In   Worth. Utd. Eagles Blue B10
In   Worth. Utd. Eagles White B10
In   Worth. Utd. Pink Panthers G09
In   Worth. Utd. Red Coyotes G09
In   Worthington United 94 Red B11
In   Worthington United Baggies  B10
In   Worthington United Barcelona B12
In   Worthington United Eagles B08
In   Worthington United Flash G08
In   Worthington United Flyers G12
In   Worthington United Jaguars G10
In   Worthington United Knights B11
In   Worthington United Lightning G09
In   Worthington United Strikers B14
In   Worthington United Strikers G11
Out   Worthington United Warriors B08
In   Worthington United Warriors G11
In   Worthington United Wave B09
In   Worthington Utd. Fire Tigers G09

by posted 05/03/2016

The following is the GAME ADD / GAME DROP / GAME MODIFY procedure, please follow this.

GAME ADD in subject line
HOME team name (FULL name)
AWAY team name (FULL name)
emails attached from BOTH TEAMS confirming this is indeed agreeable and a valid game
GAME DROP in subject line 
HOME team name (FULL name)
AWAY team name (FULL name)
emails attached from BOTH TEAMS confirming this is indeed agreeable and a valid game
GAME MODIFY in subject line
EXISTING Game info:
HOME team name (FULL name)
AWAY team name (FULL name)
NEW game info:
HOME team name (FULL name)
AWAY team name (FULL name)
emails attached from BOTH TEAMS confirming this is indeed agreeable and changes ARE valid

by posted 04/12/2016
New "No Heading" Rules in Effect for OCL this Spring

Referees, Coaches and Parents,

Effective at the beginning of the OCL Spring 2016 season, players 10 years old (U-11) and under are prohibited from heading the ball during games.  Any time the ball is INTENTIONALLY played by a player with his/her head, his/her team will be guilty of "Dangerous Play."  We will be implementing the following as a result of the change:

1.  Intentionally play the ball with the head in games being played as U-07, U-08, U-09, U-10 and U-11 games will result in the offender's team being guilty of a Dangerous Play resulting in the opponent being awarded an INDIRECT Free Kick just as would be the case for any "Dangerous Play."

2.  The referee MAY play ADVANTAGE in the event a defender intentionally heads the ball and it ends up in his team's goal.

3.  Coaches and referees are to remind players 10 and under that heading the ball is no longer a legal play in a U-11 and under game.

4.  In the event a team is playing against a U-12 or older team, the GAME shall be considered to be a U-12 game resulting in no penalties being enforced for heading.  At the same time, coaches of 10 year old and under players are still to remind players NOT to head the ball for safety reasons.  However, the referees are NOT to penalize heading in a game considered to be a U-12 or older game.

USClub Soccer took a very aggressive stance on this change.  Other organizations are not implementing the new rule until some point in the future.  

Thank you for your support of this rule (the decision was made FAR ABOVE my pay grade!).  
Ken McMahon

OCL League President

by posted 03/30/2016
OCL Spring 2016 Referee Availability Form


If you are interested in refereeing OCL games this Spring, please complete this availability form:

No need to complete the form if you have already done so.  Thank you.

Ken (and Natalie)

by posted 02/25/2016
Field Status
AN-01 (Antrim Park) - Worthington OPEN (5/5) 
AN-02 (Antrim Park) - Worthington OPEN (5/5) 
AR-01 (Arrowhead Elem.) - Lewis Center OPEN (5/5) 
BL-01 (Bluffsview Elem.) - Worthington OPEN (5/5) 
CF-01 (Calvary Fields) - Bellefontaine OPEN (5/5) 
CF-02 (Calvary Fields) - Bellefontaine OPEN (5/5) 
CH-11 (County Home Rd.) - Marysville OPEN (5/5) 
CH-12 (County Home Rd.) - Marysville OPEN (5/5) 
CH-13 (County Home Rd.) - Marysville OPEN (5/5) 
CH-14 (County Home Rd.) - Marysville OPEN (5/5) 
CH-15 (County Home Rd.) - Marysville OPEN (5/5) 
County Home Rd Fields - Marysville OPEN (5/5) 
County Home Road - Marysville OPEN (5/5) 
CP-03 (Cooper Park) - Westerville OPEN (5/5) 
CP-04 (Cooper Park) - Westerville OPEN (5/5) 
CP-05 (Cooper Park) - Westerville OPEN (5/5) 
DA-01 (Darree Fields) - Dublin OPEN (5/5) 
DA-02 (Darree Fields) - Dublin OPEN (5/5) 
DA-03 (Darree Fields) - Dublin OPEN (5/5) 
DA-04 (Darree Fields) - Dublin OPEN (5/5) 
DA-05 (Darree Fields) - Dublin OPEN (5/5) 
DA-06 (Darree Fields) - Dublin OPEN (5/5) 
DA-07 (Darree Fields) - Dublin OPEN (5/5) 
DA-08 (Darree Fields) - Dublin OPEN (5/5) 
DA-09 (Darree Fields) - Dublin OPEN (5/5) 
DA-10 (Darree Fields) - Dublin OPEN (5/5) 
DA-11 (Darree Fields) - Dublin OPEN (5/5) 
DA-12 (Darree Fields) - Dublin OPEN (5/5) 
DA-13 (Darree Fields) - Dublin OPEN (5/5) 
DA-13a (Darree Fields) - Dublin OPEN (5/5) 
DA-14 (Darree Fields) - Dublin OPEN (5/5) 
DA-15 (Darree Fields) - Dublin OPEN (5/5) 
DA-16 (Darree Fields) - Dublin OPEN (5/5) 
DA-17 (Darree Fields) - Dublin OPEN (5/5) 
DA-18 (Darree Fields) - Dublin OPEN (5/5) 
DA-19 (Darree Fields) - Dublin OPEN (5/5) 
EA-01 (Easton Field) - Easton OPEN (5/5) 
EA-02 (Easton Field) - Easton OPEN (5/5) 
EA-04 (Easton Field) - Easton OPEN (5/5) 
EA-08 (Easton Field) - Easton OPEN (5/5) 
EA-09 (Easton Field) - Easton OPEN (5/5) 
EA-11 (Easton Field) - Easton OPEN (5/5) 
EA-13 (Easton Field) - Easton OPEN (5/5) 
Earlington Park - Dublin OPEN (5/5) 
FP-02 (Fancyburg Park) - Upper Arlington OPEN (5/5) 
FP-03 (Fancyburg Park) - Upper Arlington OPEN (5/5) 
GNA-Dummy - Gahanna OPEN (5/5) 
GRC-01 (Groveport Rec) - Groveport OPEN (5/5) 
GRC-02 (Groveport Rec) - Groveport OPEN (5/5) 
GV-01 (Anderson Field) - Grandview Heights OPEN (5/5) 
GV-02 (Anderson Field) - Grandview Heights OPEN (5/5) 
GV-02(Anderson (grass)) - Grandview Heights OPEN (5/5) 
HA-05 (Hannah Park) - Gahanna OPEN (5/5) 
Havener Field 2 - Olentangy OPEN (5/5) 
HB-01 (Huntley Bowl Pk) - Worthington OPEN (5/5) 
HC-01 (Hilliard Church) - Hilliard OPEN (5/5) 
HE-01 (Headley Park) - Gahanna OPEN (5/5) 
HE-02 (Headley Park) - Gahanna OPEN (5/5) 
HE-03 (Headley Park) - Gahanna OPEN (5/5) 
HE-04 (Headley Park) - Gahanna OPEN (5/5) 
HE-05 (Headley Park) - Gahanna OPEN (5/5) 
HE-06 (Headley Park) - Gahanna OPEN (5/5) 
HE-07 (Headley Park) - Gahanna OPEN (5/5) 
HE-08 (Headley Park) - Gahanna OPEN (5/5) 
HE-09 (Headley Park) - Gahanna OPEN (5/5) 
HE-10 (Headley Park) - Gahanna OPEN (5/5) 
HE-11 (Headley Park) - Gahanna OPEN (5/5) 
HE-12 (Headley Park) - Gahanna OPEN (5/5) 
HE-13 (Headley Park) - Gahanna OPEN (5/5) 
HE-14 (Headley Park) - Gahanna OPEN (5/5) 
HE-15 (Headley Park) - Gahanna OPEN (5/5) 
HFP-01 (HOSA Franks Pk) - Hilliard OPEN (5/5) 
HFP-02 (HOSA Franks Pk) - Hilliard OPEN (5/5) 
HLP-04 (Highlands Park) - Westerville OPEN (5/5) 
HOSA Soccer Complex (D1) - Hilliard OPEN (5/5) 
HOSA Soccer Complex (D2) - Hilliard OPEN (5/5) 
HP-01 (Havener Park) - Olentangy OPEN (5/5) 
HP-02 (Havener Park) - Olentangy OPEN (5/5) 
HP-03 (Havener Park) - Olentangy OPEN (5/5) 
HP-04 (Havener Park) - Olentangy OPEN (5/5) 
HP-06 (Havener Park) - Olentangy OPEN (5/5) 
HP-07 (Havener Park) - Olentangy OPEN (5/5) 
HP2 - Olentangy OPEN (5/5) 
HRP 1 (Hard Road Park) - Worthington OPEN (5/5) 
HSP-03 (HOSA Soccer Pk) - Hilliard OPEN (5/5) 
HSP-04 (HOSA Soccer Pk) - Hilliard OPEN (5/5) 
HSP-05 (HOSA Soccer Pk) - Hilliard OPEN (5/5) 
Kenney Park Fld #1 - Columbus OPEN (5/5) 
LBP-01 (Library Park) - Powell OPEN (5/5) 
LC-01 (UA Lutheran Ch.) - Hilliard OPEN (5/5) 
LC-02 (UA Lutheran Ch.) - Hilliard OPEN (5/5) 
LI-01 (Linworth Park) - Worthington OPEN (5/5) 
Liberty Park Practice - Powell OPEN (5/5) 
London High School - London OPEN (5/5) 
LP-01 (Liberty Park) - Olentangy OPEN (5/5) 
LP-06 (Liberty Park) - Olentangy OPEN (5/5) 
LP-07 (Liberty Park) - Olentangy OPEN (5/5) 
LP-10 (Liberty Park) - Olentangy OPEN (5/5) 
LP-12 (Liberty Park) - Olentangy OPEN (5/5) 
LW-01 (Lazelle Woods Pk) - Worthington OPEN (5/5) 
LW-02 (Lazelle Woods Pk) - Worthington OPEN (5/5) 
LW-03 (Lazelle Woods Pk) - Worthington OPEN (5/5) 
MC-01 (McCorkle Park) - Gahanna OPEN (5/5) 
MC-02 (McCorkle Park) - Gahanna OPEN (5/5) 
MC-03 (McCorkle Park) - Gahanna OPEN (5/5) 
MC-04 (McCorkle Park) - Gahanna OPEN (5/5) 
MC-1B (McCorkle Park) - Gahanna OPEN (5/5) 
MD-01 (McCord Park) - Worthington OPEN (5/5) 
MD-02 (McCord Park) - Worthington OPEN (5/5) 
Mill Valley South - Marysville OPEN (5/5) 
MV-01 (Mill Valley Elem) - Marysville OPEN (5/5) 
NC-01 (Northside Church) - Westerville OPEN (5/5) 
NC-02 (Northside Church) - Westerville OPEN (5/5) 
NCAA Fields - Columbus  -- 
NO-01 (North Orange Pk) - Olentangy OPEN (5/5) 
NO-04 (North Orange Pk) - Olentangy OPEN (5/5) 
OS-04 (Olde Sawmill Prk) - Dublin OPEN (5/5) 
OS-05 (Olde Sawmill Prk) - Dublin OPEN (5/5) 
PA-02 (PASA complex) - Pickerington OPEN (5/5) 
PA-03 (PASA Complex) - Pickerington OPEN (5/5) 
PA-03 (PASA Fields) OPEN (5/5) 
PA-04 (PASA Complex) - Pickerington OPEN (5/5) 
PA-05 (PASA Complex) - Pickerington OPEN (5/5) 
PA-06 (PASA Complex) - Pickerington OPEN (5/5) 
PA-07 (PASA Complex) - Pickerington OPEN (5/5) 
PA-08 (PASA complex) - Pickerington OPEN (5/5) 
PA-09 (PASA complex) - Pickerington OPEN (5/5) 
PA-10 (PASA complex) - Pickerington OPEN (5/5) 
PA-10 (PASA Fields) OPEN (5/5) 
PA-Dummy - Pickerington OPEN (5/5) 
Parkers Park, Alexandria - Alexandria  -- 
PASA Complex - Pickerington OPEN (5/5) 
PASA Complex Pickeringto - Pickerington OPEN (5/5) 
Pickerington Christian - Pickerington OPEN (5/5) 
PMS Track (Perry MS) - Worthington OPEN (5/5) 
PP-01 (Perry Park) - Worthington OPEN (5/5) 
PP-02 (Perry Park) - Worthington OPEN (5/5) 
PP-03 (Perry Park 3) - Worthington OPEN (5/5) 
Raccoon Valley Park - Granville OPEN (5/5) 
Reynoldsburg field - Reynoldsburg OPEN (5/5) 
SBP (St. Brendan Park) - Hilliard OPEN (5/5) 
SF-00 (Soccer First) - Dublin OPEN (5/5) 
SF-01 (Soccer First) - Dublin OPEN (5/5) 
SF-02 (Soccer First) - Dublin OPEN (5/5) 
SF-03 (Soccer First) - Dublin OPEN (5/5) 
SF-04 (Soccer First) - Dublin OPEN (5/5) 
SF-05 (Soccer First) - Dublin OPEN (5/5) 
SF-06 (Soccer First) - Dublin OPEN (5/5) 
SF-07 (Soccer First) - Dublin OPEN (5/5) 
SF-08 (Soccer First) - Dublin OPEN (5/5) 
SF-09 (Soccer First) - Dublin OPEN (5/5) 
SF-10 (Soccer First) - Dublin OPEN (5/5) 
SF-11 (Soccer First) - Dublin OPEN (5/5) 
SF-12 (Soccer First) - Dublin OPEN (5/5) 
SF-13 (Soccer First) - Dublin OPEN (5/5) 
SF-14 (Soccer First) - Dublin OPEN (5/5) 
SF-15 (Soccer First) - Dublin OPEN (5/5) 
SF-A (Soccer First) - Dublin OPEN (5/5) 
SF-B (Soccer First) - Dublin OPEN (5/5) 
SF-C (Soccer First) - Dublin OPEN (5/5) 
SF-D (Soccer First) - Dublin OPEN (5/5) 
SF-E (Soccer First) - Dublin OPEN (5/5) 
SF-F (Soccer First) - Dublin OPEN (5/5) 
SF-G (Soccer First) - Dublin OPEN (5/5) 
SF-H (Soccer First) - Dublin OPEN (5/5) 
SF-I (Soccer First) - Dublin OPEN (5/5) 
SH-01 (Slate Hill Elem) - Worthington OPEN (5/5) 
SLC-01 (Soccer Learn) - Worthington OPEN (5/5) 
SN-02 (Snouffer Park) - Worthington OPEN (5/5) 
SN-03 (Snouffer Park) - Worthington OPEN (5/5) 
SP-01 (Sutter Park Elem) - Worthington OPEN (5/5) 
SP-14 (Spindler Park) - Hilliard OPEN (5/5) 
SP-15 (Spindler Park) - Hilliard OPEN (5/5) 
Spangler Rd. Fields - Columbus OPEN (5/5) 
Spindler Park - Hilliard OPEN (5/5) 
Sunny 95 - 01 - Upper Arlington OPEN (5/5) 
Sunny 95 - 02 - Upper Arlington OPEN (5/5) 
TE-01 (Tremont Elem) - Upper Arlington OPEN (5/5) 
TE-01(Tremont Elem) - Upper Arlington OPEN (5/5) 
Thompson Park - Columbus OPEN (5/5) 
Thompson Park #2 - Upper Arlington OPEN (5/5) 
Toll Gate Elem. - Pickerington OPEN (5/5) 
TP-01 (Thompson Park) - Gahanna OPEN (5/5) 
TP-02 (Thompson Park) - New Albany OPEN (5/5) 
TP-03 (Thompson Park) - Gahanna OPEN (5/5) 
TP-04 (Thompson Park) - Gahanna OPEN (5/5) 
TP-05 (Thompson Park) - Gahanna OPEN (5/5) 
TP-06 (Thompson Park) - Gahanna OPEN (5/5) 
TP-07 (Thompson Park) - Gahanna OPEN (5/5) 
TP-08 (Thompson Park) - Gahanna OPEN (5/5) 
TP-09 (Thompson Park) - Gahanna OPEN (5/5) 
TP-10 (Thompson Park) - Gahanna OPEN (5/5) 
UM-01 (UM Childrens Hm) - Worthington OPEN (5/5) 
WE-Dummy - Westerville OPEN (5/5) 
WP-01 (Worthington Park) - Westerville OPEN (5/5) 
WP-02 (Worthington Park) - Westerville OPEN (5/5) 
WP-03 (Worthington Park) - Westerville OPEN (5/5) 
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