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Welcome to the Ohio Champions League
The Ohio Champions League (OCL) is a youth soccer league with nearly 200 teams ranging in age from U-07 to U-14.  This season, we are pleased to welcome teams from the Central Ohio Select Soccer League (COSSL) into our program.  These teams are nearly all professionally-coached teams.  They will be a welcome addition to our league. 

As our program has continued to evolve, professional training and/or coaching has become more prevalent each season.  While most of the teams in the program are parent-coached, nearly all have access to professional trainers either for individual player skill development or team technical or tactical training.  Most of our U-07 to U-09 teams are professionally-coached club-level teams. 

The primary mission of the OCL is to provide an enjoyable soccer environment for a wide range of players desiring to play above the basic community-based recreational program.  The OCL provides its teams, coaches, parents and players with tremendous flexibility in terms of game scheduling dates/times, opponents (including younger/older aged-teams as desired by the coaches), number of games, etc.  The league allows for in-season roster flexibility as well.

In addition, the league sponsors season-ending tournaments at the end of each Fall and Spring season.

Beginning with the Spring 2012 season, the OCL is partnering with a brand new referee association -- the Mid Ohio Soccer Officials Association (MOSOA) -- in order to provide a development environment for our referee community as well.

Should you have further questions about the OCL, please feel free to send us an e-mail .

Thank you,
Natalie Baker Stellini and Ken McMahon
Status of Schedules


About 75% of the expected games have been entered into the system.  Here are a few messages for everyone:

1.  If you are still having problems entering games into the system, please reach out to Natalie (614-499-4352 -- text is best).

2.  If you are having problems getting in touch with one or more opponents, reach out to Ken (614-402-9916 -- text is best).

3.  If you are in need of a few more games, please reach out to

4.  We will be having a couple calls over the next 10 days:

    *  A repeat of the information passed along at the Coaches Meeting

    *  Player carding information will be discussed in the second meeting

    *  Both of these calls will be scheduled by Monday for a time by Wednesday, August 12th

​5.  Referee scheduling will begin later this week.

6.  The Dublin United Champions Cup ( is 9/26-27 in Dublin with mainly mid-level teams.

7.  The Gahanna Fall Open ( is 8/22-23 in Gahanna with a similar level of teams.

More soon.

Ken(and Natalie)

by posted 08/02/2015
Referee Availability form has been "Fixed"!

Fellow referees,

The games are being entered into the system this week.  Final field assignments will be made by the end of next week.  I expect to begin assigning within the next 10 days.  

Here is the form:

​FOR THOSE WHO HAVE EXPERIENCED ISSUES, the form has been "fixed" (I have made some changes to the input instructions to get around the problem!).  See SPECIAL NOTE below.

For those who have NOT had issues, I have received well over 50 forms already.  NO NEED TO RESUBMIT!

SPECIAL NOTE:  If you have attempted to register and and received a message about an invalid number, make sure that ALL numbers (INCLUDING YOUR AGE) only have numbers with NO DASHES!!!  If you are still having a problem, please let me know as soon as possible (e-mail to  Thanks.


by posted 07/29/2015
Referee Availability Form Available!!!


The OCL Fall 2015 Referee Availability is now available for ALL new and returning referees.  Please complete this form:

​The coaches scheduling meetings are SUNDAY, JULY 26th.  The schedules will be finalized within a week or so of that meeting.  At that point, referee assigning will begin.

Thank you,

Ken (and Natalie)


by posted 07/21/2015
Game Add/Modify/Cancel Procedure

Coaches and Admins,

Apparently, the process for adding a game, changing a game or dropping a game has been dropped from the site.  It is being added back in to avoid any errors in communication for these schedule modifications.  First of all, the chief reason why the OCL needs to get involved is to increase the likelihood that all THREE TEAMS (home team, away team and REFEREE team) all arrive at exactly the same field, on the same day at the same time.  We are not trying to be onerous, but we have had teams simply cancel a game without notifying either of the other two teams. 


Here is the process:

1.  E-mail your future potential opponent with a requested modification to the existing schedule by using the OCL GAME ADD, OCL GAME DROP or OCL GAME CHANGE in the subject line.

2.  Include the following in the body of the e-mail:

    A.  Currently scheduled DATE (if DROP or CHANGE),

    B.  Currently scheduled TIME (if DROP of CHANGE),

    C.  Currently scheduled FIELD including complex and field number (if DROP or CHANGE),

    D.  Currently scheduled HOME TEAM (full name, please) (if DROP or CHANGE),

    E.  Currently scheduled AWAY TEAM (full name, please) (if DROP or CHANGE),

    F.   Proposed new DATE (N/A if DROP),

    G.  Proposed new TIME (N/A if DROP),

    H.  Proposed new FIELD including complex and field number (N/A if DROP),

    I.   Proposed new HOME TEAM (full name, N/A if DROP),

    J.   Proposed new AWAY TEAM (full name, N/A if DROP).

3.  If you do NOT have a field, yet, please provide all other information.

4.  Once you have received a REPLY with a CONFIRMATION that the GAME ADD, GAME DROP or GAME CHANGE has been agreed to, request a field from your field coordinator by forwarding the e-mail with your specific request to them (MAKE SURE TO SPECIFY A FIELD SIZE  of 6v6, 8v8 or 11v11)!

5.  After you have received the e-mail back confirming the availability of the field (obviously not required for a GAME DROP), forward that e-mail on to:

    A.  The opposing Coach/Team Admin



Once the game has been ADDED, DROPPED or CHANGED, you will receive an e-mail confirmation for the OCL Site.

If you have any questions, please contact Natalie Stellini (Text is best) at 614-499-4352

Ken McMahon and Natalie Stellini


by posted 09/09/2014
Field Status
AN-01 (Antrim Park) - Worthington OPEN (8/4) 
AN-02 (Antrim Park) - Worthington OPEN (8/4) 
AR-01 (Arrowhead Elem.) - Lewis Center OPEN (8/4) 
BL-01 (Bluffsview Elem.) - Worthington TBD (8/4) 
CF-01 (Calvary Fields) - Bellefontaine TBD (8/4) 
CF-02 (Calvary Fields) - Bellefontaine TBD (8/4) 
CH-11 (County Home Rd.) - Marysville OPEN (8/4) 
CH-12 (County Home Rd.) - Marysville OPEN (8/4) 
CH-13 (County Home Rd.) - Marysville OPEN (8/4) 
CH-14 (County Home Rd.) - Marysville OPEN (8/4) 
CH-15 (County Home Rd.) - Marysville OPEN (8/4) 
County Home Rd Fields - Marysville OPEN (8/4) 
County Home Road - Marysville OPEN (8/4) 
CP-03 (Cooper Park) - Westerville OPEN (8/4) 
CP-04 (Cooper Park) - Westerville OPEN (8/4) 
CP-05 (Cooper Park) - Westerville OPEN (8/4) 
DA-01 (Darree Fields) - Dublin TBD (8/4) 
DA-02 (Darree Fields) - Dublin TBD (8/4) 
DA-03 (Darree Fields) - Dublin TBD (8/4) 
DA-04 (Darree Fields) - Dublin TBD (8/4) 
DA-05 (Darree Fields) - Dublin TBD (8/4) 
DA-06 (Darree Fields) - Dublin TBD (8/4) 
DA-07 (Darree Fields) - Dublin TBD (8/4) 
DA-08 (Darree Fields) - Dublin TBD (8/4) 
DA-09 (Darree Fields) - Dublin TBD (8/4) 
DA-10 (Darree Fields) - Dublin TBD (8/4) 
DA-11 (Darree Fields) - Dublin TBD (8/4) 
DA-12 (Darree Fields) - Dublin TBD (8/4) 
DA-13 (Darree Fields) - Dublin TBD (8/4) 
DA-13a (Darree Fields) - Dublin TBD (8/4) 
DA-14 (Darree Fields) - Dublin TBD (8/4) 
DA-15 (Darree Fields) - Dublin TBD (8/4) 
DA-16 (Darree Fields) - Dublin TBD (8/4) 
DA-17 (Darree Fields) - Dublin TBD (8/4) 
DA-18 (Darree Fields) - Dublin TBD (8/4) 
DA-19 (Darree Fields) - Dublin TBD (8/4) 
EA-01 (Easton Field) - Easton TBD (8/4) 
EA-02 (Easton Field) - Easton TBD (8/4) 
EA-04 (Easton Field) - Easton TBD (8/4) 
EA-08 (Easton Field) - Easton TBD (8/4) 
EA-09 (Easton Field) - Easton TBD (8/4) 
EA-11 (Easton Field) - Easton TBD (8/4) 
EA-13 (Easton Field) - Easton TBD (8/4) 
Earlington Park - Dublin OPEN (8/4) 
FP-02 (Fancyburg Park) - Upper Arlington OPEN (8/4) 
FP-03 (Fancyburg Park) - Upper Arlington OPEN (8/4) 
GNA-Dummy - Gahanna OPEN (8/4) 
GRC-01 (Groveport Rec) - Groveport OPEN (8/4) 
GRC-02 (Groveport Rec) - Groveport OPEN (8/4) 
GV-01 (Anderson Field) - Grandview Heights OPEN (8/4) 
GV-02 (Anderson Field) - Grandview Heights OPEN (8/4) 
GV-02(Anderson (grass)) - Grandview Heights OPEN (8/4) 
Havener Field 2 - Olentangy TBD (8/4) 
HB-01 (Huntley Bowl Pk) - Worthington TBD (8/4) 
HC-01 (Hilliard Church) - Hilliard TBD (8/4) 
HE-02 (Headley Park) - Gahanna OPEN (8/4) 
HE-03 (Headley Park) - Gahanna OPEN (8/4) 
HE-04 (Headley Park) - Gahanna OPEN (8/4) 
HE-05 (Headley Park) - Gahanna OPEN (8/4) 
HE-06 (Headley Park) - Gahanna OPEN (8/4) 
HE-07 (Headley Park) - Gahanna OPEN (8/4) 
HE-10 (Headley Park) - Gahanna OPEN (8/4) 
HE-11 (Headley Park) - Gahanna OPEN (8/4) 
HE-12 (Headley Park) - Gahanna OPEN (8/4) 
HE-13 (Headley Park) - Gahanna OPEN (8/4) 
HE-14 (Headley Park) - Gahanna OPEN (8/4) 
HE-15 (Headley Park) - Gahanna OPEN (8/4) 
HFP-01 (HOSA Franks Pk) - Hilliard OPEN (8/4) 
HFP-02 (HOSA Franks Pk) - Hilliard OPEN (8/4) 
HLP-04 (Highlands Park) - Westerville OPEN (8/4) 
HP-01 (Havener Park) - Olentangy TBD (8/4) 
HP-02 (Havener Park) - Olentangy TBD (8/4) 
HP-03 (Havener Park) - Olentangy TBD (8/4) 
HP-04 (Havener Park) - Olentangy TBD (8/4) 
HP-06 (Havener Park) - Olentangy TBD (8/4) 
HP-07 (Havener Park) - Olentangy TBD (8/4) 
HP2 - Olentangy TBD (8/4) 
HRP 1 (Hard Road Park) - Worthington TBD (8/4) 
HSP-02 (HOSA Soccer Pk) - Hilliard OPEN (8/4) 
HSP-03 (HOSA Soccer Pk) - Hilliard OPEN (8/4) 
HSP-04 (HOSA Soccer Pk) - Hilliard OPEN (8/4) 
HSP-05 (HOSA Soccer Pk) - Hilliard OPEN (8/4) 
Kenney Park Fld #1 - Columbus OPEN (8/4) 
LBP-01 (Library Park) - Powell OPEN (8/4) 
LC-01 (UA Lutheran Ch.) - Hilliard TBD (8/4) 
LC-02 (UA Lutheran Ch.) - Hilliard TBD (8/4) 
LI-01 (Linworth Park) - Worthington TBD (8/4) 
London High School - London OPEN (8/4) 
LP-01 (Liberty Park) - Olentangy TBD (8/4) 
LP-06 (Liberty Park) - Olentangy TBD (8/4) 
LP-07 (Liberty Park) - Olentangy TBD (8/4) 
LP-10 (Liberty Park) - Olentangy TBD (8/4) 
LP-12 (Liberty Park) - Olentangy TBD (8/4) 
LW-01 (Lazelle Woods Pk) - Worthington TBD (8/4) 
LW-02 (Lazelle Woods Pk) - Worthington TBD (8/4) 
LW-03 (Lazelle Woods Pk) - Worthington TBD (8/4) 
MC-02 (McCorkle Park) - Gahanna OPEN (8/4) 
MC-03 (McCorkle Park) - Gahanna OPEN (8/4) 
MC-1A (McCorkle Park) - Gahanna OPEN (8/4) 
MC-1B (McCorkle Park) - Gahanna OPEN (8/4) 
MD-01 (McCord Park) - Worthington OPEN (8/4) 
MD-02 (McCord Park) - Worthington TBD (8/4) 
Mill Valley South - Marysville OPEN (8/4) 
MV-01 (Mill Valley Elem) - Marysville OPEN (8/4) 
NC-01 (Northside Church) - Westerville TBD (8/4) 
NC-02 (Northside Church) - Westerville OPEN (8/4) 
NO-01 (North Orange Pk) - Olentangy TBD (8/4) 
NO-04 (North Orange Pk) - Olentangy TBD (8/4) 
OS-04 (Olde Sawmill Prk) - Dublin TBD (8/4) 
OS-05 (Olde Sawmill Prk) - Dublin TBD (8/4) 
PA-04 (PASA Complex) - Pickerington OPEN (8/4) 
PA-05 (PASA Complex) - Pickerington OPEN (8/4) 
PA-06 (PASA Complex) - Pickerington OPEN (8/4) 
PA-07 (PASA Complex) - Pickerington OPEN (8/4) 
PA-Dummy - Pickerington OPEN (8/4) 
PASA Complex - Pickerington OPEN (8/4) 
PASA Complex Pickeringto - Pickerington OPEN (8/4) 
Pickerington Christian - Pickerington OPEN (8/4) 
PMS Track (Perry MS) - Worthington TBD (8/4) 
PP-01 (Perry Park) - Worthington TBD (8/4) 
PP-02 (Perry Park) - Worthington TBD (8/4) 
PP-03 (Perry Park 3) - Worthington TBD (8/4) 
Reynoldsburg field - Reynoldsburg OPEN (8/4) 
SB-13a (HSoccer Field) - Hilliard OPEN (8/4) 
SBP (St. Brendan Park) - Hilliard OPEN (8/4) 
SF-00 (Soccer First) - Dublin TBD (8/4) 
SF-01 (Soccer First) - Dublin TBD (8/4) 
SF-02 (Soccer First) - Dublin TBD (8/4) 
SF-03 (Soccer First) - Dublin TBD (8/4) 
SF-04 (Soccer First) - Dublin TBD (8/4) 
SF-05 (Soccer First) - Dublin TBD (8/4) 
SF-06 (Soccer First) - Dublin TBD (8/4) 
SF-07 (Soccer First) - Dublin TBD (8/4) 
SF-08 (Soccer First) - Dublin TBD (8/4) 
SF-09 (Soccer First) - Dublin TBD (8/4) 
SF-10 (Soccer First) - Dublin TBD (8/4) 
SF-11 (Soccer First) - Dublin TBD (8/4) 
SF-12 (Soccer First) - Dublin TBD (8/4) 
SF-13 (Soccer First) - Dublin TBD (8/4) 
SF-14 (Soccer First) - Dublin TBD (8/4) 
SF-15 (Soccer First) - Dublin TBD (8/4) 
SF-A (Soccer First) - Dublin TBD (8/4) 
SF-B (Soccer First) - Dublin TBD (8/4) 
SF-C (Soccer First) - Dublin TBD (8/4) 
SF-D (Soccer First) - Dublin TBD (8/4) 
SF-E (Soccer First) - Dublin TBD (8/4) 
SF-F (Soccer First) - Dublin TBD (8/4) 
SF-G (Soccer First) - Dublin TBD (8/4) 
SF-H (Soccer First) - Dublin TBD (8/4) 
SF-I (Soccer First) - Dublin TBD (8/4) 
SH-01 (Slate Hill Elem) - Worthington TBD (8/4) 
SN-02 (Snouffer Park) - Worthington TBD (8/4) 
SN-03 (Snouffer Park) - Worthington TBD (8/4) 
SP-01 (Sutter Park Elem) - Worthington TBD (8/4) 
SP-14 (Spindler Park) - Hilliard OPEN (8/4) 
SP-15 (Spindler Park) - Hilliard OPEN (8/4) 
Spangler Rd. Fields - Columbus OPEN (8/4) 
Spindler Park - Hilliard OPEN (8/4) 
Sunny 95 - 01 - Upper Arlington OPEN (8/4) 
Sunny 95 - 02 - Upper Arlington OPEN (8/4) 
TE-01 (Tremont Elem) - Upper Arlington OPEN (8/4) 
TE-01(Tremont Elem) - Upper Arlington OPEN (8/4) 
Thompson Park - Columbus OPEN (8/4) 
Thompson Park #2 - Upper Arlington OPEN (8/4) 
Toll Gate Elem. - Pickerington OPEN (8/4) 
TP-01 (Thompson Park) - Gahanna OPEN (8/4) 
TP-02 (Thompson Park) - Gahanna OPEN (8/4) 
TP-03 (Thompson Park) - Gahanna OPEN (8/4) 
TP-04 (Thompson Park) - Gahanna OPEN (8/4) 
TP-05 (Thompson Park) - Gahanna OPEN (8/4) 
TP-06 (Thompson Park) - Gahanna OPEN (8/4) 
TP-07 (Thompson Park) - Gahanna OPEN (8/4) 
TP-08 (Thompson Park) - Gahanna OPEN (8/4) 
TP-09 (Thompson Park) - Gahanna OPEN (8/4) 
TP-10 (Thompson Park) - Gahanna OPEN (8/4) 
UM-01 (UM Childrens Hm) - Worthington TBD (8/4) 
WE-Dummy - Westerville OPEN (8/4) 
WP-01 (Worthington Park) - Westerville OPEN (8/4) 
WP-02 (Worthington Park) - Westerville OPEN (8/4) 
WP-03 (Worthington Park) - Westerville OPEN (8/4) 
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