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Feedback Form for Fall 2018 Season and More
by Ken McMahon posted 11/19/2018

Coaches and Admins,

I have created a form that will allow coaches and admins to provide feedback on the Fall 2018 season.  For those new to our program, when good ideas are presented, we try to act on them the following season.  We have already had one Directors meeting and will be conducting more.

Here is the link to the survey:  https://freeonlinesurveys.com/s/ibtkEpy8

While the COPL/OCL Spring 2019 season seems a long way away, we are already working on several aspects of the season:

1.  I expect to have the COPL/OCL Spring 2019 team registration system open for returning teams before the week is over.

2.  I expect to have the COPL/OCL Spring 2019 team registration system open for NEW TEAMS by next week.

3.  I have spoken with four different clubs looking to move teams into the COPL/OCL for the Spring 2019 season.

4.  I will be providing a pair of timelines for the Spring 2019 season to be provided over the next week to 10 days.  One for COPL teams and one for OCL teams.  This was discussed and agreed upon by the Directors at our meeting last week.

5.  A preliminary survey will be provided to determine estimated numbers for the COPL/OCL Spring 2019 Tournament.  The primary weekend will be May 16th-19th.  

6.  We will be offering U-08 to U-19 divisions this Spring for both COPL and OCL.

7.  For those interested, we will be providing the opportunity to register teams as members of Ohio South (in order to be eligible for OSYSA State Cup/President's Cup). 

Please provide your feedback!  Thank you.

Ken and Team



Microsoft Word file Coach Concurrence Form-  This form is to be signed by the Coaches of each team. The form is then to be returned to the OCL (OCL.Documentation@gmail.com.

Microsoft Excel file COPL/OCL Fall 2018 Updated Team Listing-  This spreadsheet contains three tabs. The first is the latest list of teams that have registered for the program. Tabs 2 and 3 contain additional contact information.

Microsoft Excel file Team Carding Status-  Spreadsheet with a listing of Documents received and processed by the league.